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More than just a calculator! Add 'em Up can perform math calculations on data that resides on the Windows Clipboard.

Although Add 'em Up can morph into a standard Desktop calculator with one press of the F9 key, it's uniqueness is in its ability to perform math calculations on data that resides on the Windows Clipboard.

Let's say you are working in a spreadsheet, Microsoft's Excel, for instance.  You have rows upon rows and columns upon columns of data, and you want to perform a math operation on just a select few cells in your spreadsheet. Simply select the cells you want to perform math operations on, then use the "Edit > Copy" (or CTRL+C) function, which will copy the cells to the Windows Clipboard (see example below):

Add 'em Up


Once your selected data is on the Clipboard, then go to the Add 'em Up window (which can stay topmost and visible at all times) and click the "Calculator Clipboard" button (see example below):Add 'em Up calculator performs math operations on rows columns of Windows Clipboard data


The data that had been copied to the Windows Clipboard is automatically pasted into the Add 'em Up number list. When the number list has been populated with numbers, you can then click on any row or column and perform math calculations on them.

In the animated example to the right, the row (or column) on which an ADDITION calculation is performed is highlighted in white. For instance, the 3 numbers on the first row are 353.86, 82.76 and 394.92. Since in this example Add 'em Up is in ADDITION mode, the sum of these 3 numbers is 831.54, which is reflected in the large, easy to read display at the top of the window.

If you then click on the 2nd row, that row will be highlighted in white, and the sum of the numbers in that row appears in the large display.

Add 'em Up can easily switch between performing math operations on rows and on columns.

Add 'em Up is not limited to just adding up rows and columns of numbers.  It can also subtract, multiply and divide numbers in the number list. And if all of this does not impress you or you have no need for such a tool, you can always press F9 and use Add 'em Up as a regular Desktop calculator (see screen snapshot below):

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Hardware and software requirements:

Add 'em Up requires a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Download an evaluation copy of this program:

To download an evaluation copy of Add 'em Up software program that you can install and use on your own PC computer, click on the "Download now" link below:

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