Frontlets Screen Saver for Windows
Bible verses screensaver software Scripture quotes shareware displays Scripture verses on your screen
Reflection upon God's Word is important.  Frontlets Bible verse screen saver helps keep His word between our eyes as frontlets.

Frontlets is an inspirational Bible screen saver for Microsoft Windows.

Frontlets will randomly display Bible verses in large, easy to read letters on your screen. As a screen saver, the program will activate after a user specified time interval of keyboard inactivity. When the screen saver activates, a different Bible verse appears every 10-60 seconds until interrupted by keyboard or mouse activity. The Bible verses are displayed in large letters, and can be seen by others clearly halfway across a room.

Frontlets will surely attract a passerby's attention.  The screen saver can also be customized to display your choice of background colors and fonts.

Frontlets Bible screen saver will randomly display Bible verses.
Bible screen saver for displaying random Bible verses and Bible quotations
(Simulated screen saver example)

Includes verses from the King James, New International, New American or American Standard versions, with over 400 verses for each translation.

A verse editor companion utility is also available that makes it possible to add your own Bible verses to this screen saver.

 What others are saying about Frontlets:

"I have recently downloaded Frontlets Screen Saver from the Internet - Praise God, What a blessing..!" (Marcos B., Johannesburg, South Africa)

"Great program!!  I find this program wonderful for memorizing scripture. Thanks!!" (Lauren B.)

"Superb!!!!  I wanted to let you know I LOVE IT!!!  I see it as a great way of learning the Word of God and I know that I will be blessed" (Rosemary D.)

"Thanks for making such a great program.  I love it to be able to just sit here and read sections of His Word every 20 seconds." (Gale G.)

"The Windows version of Frontlets -- it is amazing." (Pierre S.F.)

"I have been looking for this screen saver for a year. A friend of mine had it...I loved it." (Johnathan E.)

"It's the best screen saver ever!" (Joe B.)

"Your screen saver has stayed on my computer longer than anything but a Marquee or the Warp Stars.  If all continues, soon yours will take first place." (Mark R.)

"I really believe your program is going to help people keep God's Word close to them while they work. It has helped me, especially during those times that nothing seems to be going right. Keep up the excellent work you are doing." (Mark M.)

"I have [your] screensaver on my computer at work.  It has afforded me several opportunities to share my faith with fellow employees.  Thank you for another witness tool." (Ed J., Houston, Texas)

"I think this is a very good software and can be a way of spreading the Lord's word in an office environment." (Gabor B., Hungary)

"Your Frontlets screensaver (ScreenSavior?) program has become such a great blessing for me and those around me.   I'm a quadriplegic, living at home with 24-hour nursing care. Well, the Frontlets program is always running, and the on-screen Scriptures have generated many a discussion regarding God's Word...I must commend you on your choice of Scriptures for Frontlets. You managed to get a mix of powerful words from many books." (Russ M.)

"It is a blessing to walk into the room where you computer is and find something giving life coming from your screen.  My boys often go to sleep using this for a night light." (Shelton B.)

"This screensaver of yours beats Christian Desktop and What Would Jesus Do? by a mile." (Richard R.)

Inspirational screen saver software for Windows

Hardware and software requirements:

Frontlets requires a personal computer running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7.  If you have an older version of Windows, contact us and we'll provide you with details on a version of Frontlets for Windows 95, 98 and Windows ME.

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Download an evaluation copy of this program:

To download an evaluation copy of the Frontlets software program that you can use on your own PC computer, click on the "Download now" link below:

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