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Many home owners are not fully aware how much money can be actually saved in interest expense by shortening the life of a mortgage.  Early Mortgage Payoff was written to show the homeowner the HUGE savings that can be realized by making additional principal payments to a loan.  There are no gimmicks here, just simple math!

For an example, let us take the case of a $125,000 loan at 10% interest with a life of 30 years.  The monthly payment would be $1,096.96. The total repayment is $394,915.99.  After subtracting the $125,000 principal amount that the borrower received, there is a total interest charge of $269,915.99.  This is over a quarter of a million dollars just in interest, that the homeowner pays to the mortgage company! Over two times the amount of the original loan!

Most homeowners would love to burn their mortgage papers.  Many dream of one day fully owning their home, of obtaining the peace of mind that comes with no longer having a house debt over their heads.

This dream can become reality sooner than most homeowners think.  Many people are not familiar that even small additional payments can decrease the total amount of interest they will pay.  Early Mortgage Payoff will help make your dream come truer sooner!

Amortization shareware software for loan analysis and debt reduction.

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Early Mortgage Payoff is one of the easiest to use mortgage amortization calculators around!  Create your own amortization tables by providing a few details about your loan, and within seconds, your amortization schedule will appear in a table, similar in appearance to a spreadsheet.  Simply scroll up and down through the amortization table to review your monthly payments and add extra principal payments.  Great for playing "what-if".  Powerful, yet very practical, for it shows you how much $$$ you can save by prepaying a loan.  It even tracks escrow accounts and allows user notes/comments to be attached to each loan.

Written specifically for home owners.

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Skeptical about the savings you will realize?:

Want to see how much money you could save on your existing mortgage by adding $10, $25 or $50 extra principal per month?  Then try the following test... 

Enter the amount of your original mortgage: $
Enter the mortgage interest rate: %
Enter the length of the mortgage in months:
If you pay this much extra... $ ...every month, what happens to my mortgage?

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What others are saying about Early Mortgage Payoff:

"Let me also say that I feel that your software is fabulous" (K.M.F.).

"Your program is a winner, and has great professional application potential...every young adult in America approaching home buying status, along with those holding long term debts already, need a debt-cutting-analyzing tool like yours. Your program is a leading-edge problem solver to show what-if savings, and not a stuffy banker's program to figure how much interest to grab from a customer." (M.C.)

"I like your program - very versatile and makes "what if" so easy - very logical!" (Mel G.)

I downloaded your program this weekend and it's just what I've been looking for. It's great for figuring early payoff information.  Other programs I've tried don't have the flexibility that your software provides. (Joseph C.)

"The best mortgage management program I was able to find! It has more flexiblity in terms of being able to examine the impact of changes to individualized payments - a feature not available in the program my bank manager was using!" (Tere V.)

"The $20.00 investment I made in purchasing your program is going to save me $565,176.45.  It will also allow me to retire earlier and will provide me with income in my retirement years.  I want to thank you so much for writing the easiest program in the world to plug in and use." (Rhonda F.)

"Your program saved me over $2500 the moment I received it. Using the program I was able to calculate exactly how much money my mortgage company misapplied to my principle. A suspicion I had for a while. With this information in hand, I was able to show them their mistake." (Robert A.)

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Hardware and software requirements:

Early Mortgage Payoff requires a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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