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The Phone Exchange is a database reference tool that allows you to take any US and Canadian phone number and determine its physical location. Using the 3 digit area code and 3 digit exchange, The Phone Exchange will provide you with the name of the city and state (or province) plus the current time where that phone number originates from. The area code is the first 3 digits of a telephone number and indicates a geographical area. It directs telephone calls to particular regions on a telephone network where they are then routed by the local telephone network based upon the next 3 digits. These next 3 digits (which follow after the area code) are referred to as the local exchange number.

For example, with the phone number 540-371-3905, the number 540 is the area code, and 371 is the local phone exchange. Based upon these two numbers (540 and 371), and using this software program, you will discover that this number is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. At the same time you will be shown the current local time at Fredericksburg. The Phone Exchange makes it easy to trace a phone number to its original physical location.
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So why would anyone need or want to know where a phone number originates from? Well, perhaps you have a telephone with caller ID and you receive an incoming phone call and you wish to know where the call is originating from? Using The Phone Exchange you will find the answer. Or perhaps you are an Internet merchant who wants another tool which can be used to detect fraudulent credit card transactions. If you receive an online order from someone whose "ship to" address is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but the phone number they provided you with (after using The Phone Exchange) is determined to be from Fairbanks, Alaska -- well then, perhaps you might want to reconsider accepting and processing the incoming order. Or perhaps you are a mail order merchant in New York and at 10:30 AM local time you want to know what time it is in the area code 808. Using The Phone Exchange you'll discover that it is 5:30 AM at area code 808, (and it would be wise not to call any numbers in that area for a few more hours). These are just a few examples where The Phone Exchange could prove to be useful.

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local phone exchange
Hardware and software requirements:

The Phone Exchange requires a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Area code and phone exchange lookup utility software program for Microsoft Windows. You can download this software program by clicking here.



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