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The Postal Code Companion is a handy software reference program that allows you to quickly find or verify Canadian postal codes, cities, provinces and area codes.

Using the program is simple.  For example, if you enter a postal code, the Postal Code Companion will give you the matching city, province, telephone area code and time of day in that part of the country.  Or, you could enter a city name, and all the cities in Canada with that name will be listed, along with the corresponding postal codes, province abbreviations, area code and time of day.

The Postal Code Companion database includes city, province, postal code, area code and time zone data for over 800,000 locations in Canada.

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Look up any U.S. City, State or Postal code in your applicatio
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Features include:

  • Includes every 6 digit postal code in Canada. (810,000+ entries).
  • Includes the primary area code for each postal code .
  • Search by city, province, area code or postal code.
  • Print all or parts of the database to a printer.
  • Super fast data searches.
  • Copy city, province, postal code information to the Windows clipboard.

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Hardware and software requirements:

Postal Code Companion requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Download an evaluation copy of this program:

To download an evaluation copy of the Postal Code Companion software program that you can use on your own PC computer, click on the "Download now" link below:

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This Postal Code radius search software program can be downloaded by clicking here

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