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Quiz Script Creator is the quickest and most efficient software tool available to create Javascript quizzes that can be taken using any web browser. Quiz Script Creator allows teachers, students, educators, parents and businesses to easily generate their own interactive quizzes. Quiz Script Creator supports multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style quizzes. The quizzes that you create can be uploaded to a web site, or attached to an email message, or used locally from your own hard drive, or carried around on a thumbdrive or a CD or floppy disk. The quizzes you generate can be run anywhere you have access to a web browser, and no, you do not need to be connected to the Internet in order to take and use the quiz you've created.
Quiz scripts

Create online tests and create quizzes easily with Quiz Script Creator

(Screen snapshot of the Main Menu)

Quiz Script Creator makes it easy to create quiz databases, which you can then use to export questions to a single, stand alone, encrypted HTML file. The HTML file contains everything necessary to take an interactive quiz using any web browser that supports Javascript scripting. 

  • Both multiple-choice and fill-in-the blank questions can be used in the same quiz.

  • A summary of the quiz results appears at the conclusion of each quiz.

  • Display a graphic image (.GIF, .JPG formats) with each question.

Teachers can now create computer based training without the need to do any programming, scripting or coding - just push a couple of buttons, enter your questions and answers, and you are done!

If you would like to see an actual quiz in action, a quiz created with Quiz Script Creator, click here.

This is the Quiz Script Creator editor where you would enter new questions that will become part of your quiz:
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This is the Quiz Script Creator editor, where you (the teacher) would enter new questions that will become part of your quiz.

Write Javascript tests

After you've entered your questions and answers/distractors, to generate your Javascript quiz simply click the <J> "Script" button (see above). Within seconds you will have a single, stand alone, HTML file that contains your quiz!  See the results here!

If you have ever wanted to make your own quizzes that can be taken from any web browser, anywhere, then Quiz Script Creator will make your job easier.Online quizzes

What customers are saying about Quiz Script Creator:

"Quiz Script Creator is light, limber and right on point for us." (Bob D.)

"I love it! I put my first quiz online a few days ago and it's been very popular. Great job and thanks for offering this great program!!" (Scott W.)

"Your product is being used by a bunch of  very grateful University of Guelph's Veterinary college students." (Rudy F.)

"Your quiz builder is great - simple, easy to read and very efficient." (Pam T.)

"Your software really is great as it is.... allowing graphics and notes, and enabling non-programming users to design their tests without having to grapple with scripts and HTML !!!" (Yan F.)

"I just want to say that this script is awesome. I have gotten many comments from site visitors regarding "how professional" my quiz is. I smile and take credit for it, of course, but my hat is off to its creator." (Wilbert Q.)

"I spent 3 days searching for a test creator. Your Quiz Script Creator is awesome! One company wanted $1800 for software that doesn't do half what yours does. Your software is incredibly easy to use and you're located in the US. Big thumbs-up all around!!!" (Rich C.)

Quiz programming

Hardware and software requirements:

Quiz Script Creator requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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To download an evaluation copy of the Quiz Script Creator software program that you can use on your own PC click on the "Download now" link below:

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