Site License Discounts

Thank you for choosing PC Shareware, Inc. software.   Most of our software requires a site license if the program will be installed on more than one PC and used by more than one user.

In such cases, the cost of the site license is based on the number of computers on which the program will be used.  The site license fee will be considerably less than if you had to purchase multiple individual copies.

To figure the discount that will be applied to your purchase of one of our software programs, please use the following table:

Single use on 1 computer:

0% discount

For use on 2-3 computers:

35% discount

...on 4-5 computers:

40% discount

...on 6-10 computers:

45% discount

...on 11-15 computers:

50% discount

...on 16-25 computers:

55% discount

...on 26 or more computers:

60% discount

To understand how this table works, let us use an example. Our ZIP Code Companion  software program normally sells for $19.95.  Should your organization need to purchase a site license for The Zip Code Companion for use on 11 computers then you would figure the cost like this:





1st copy (is always full price)

1 x $19.95 = $19.95



10 additional copies

10 x $19.95 = $199.50

Add $199.50 to Subtotal


50% discount on 2nd-11th copies

$199.50 x 0.50 = $99.75

Subtact $99.75 from Subtotal



Site license cost for 11 copies:



The 11 computer site license price in our example above would cost $119.70.  As you can see from the chart above, the larger the site license quantity, the greater the discount!

Note: The $19.95 figure above is used as an example.  The program that you are interested in may be more or less.  Please refer to our price list to find the actual cost of the program you are interested in.

You may leave us a message if you have any questions or comments.

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