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The Student's Edition of Create A Quiz comes in a few different license arrangements.  For those who wish to sell and/or distribute their quizzes, the Publisher's License is available .  The Publisher's License costs $250.  With this license you can:

1) Distribute your quizzes and the Student's Edition of Create A Quiz on a CD or USB flash drive, or via a web download link on your own website.  Click here for technical details on how this works.

2) Sell your product royalty free.

The Publisher's License comes with the following "one time custom enhancements":

a) You are entitled to one free custom installation utility (INSTALL.EXE), thus making it easier to install the final collection of quizzes on your clients' Windows based PCs.

b) You are entitled to having a graphic image replace our Create A Quiz logo.  You will send us a digital graphic file that we will compile into your custom version of the program.

c) You are entitled to having the name of the software program changed from "Create A Quiz" to "Whatever You'd Like".  This new software program title will also be reflected in the following areas:

The text that appears on the Desktop icon once the software is installed by the Installation Wizard

The name of the program group where the software will be installed.  In other words, when the user clicks "START > PROGRAMS > New program name appears here"

The text that appears in the "Add/Remove Programs" group for the installed software.

The program name that is referred to during the various steps within the Installation Wizard.  For example, "Welcome!  This installation program will install New program name appears here to your computer."

These "extras" make the product look more like YOUR product, rather than ours.  Note: Items (b) and (c) above are performed by the programming staff at PC Shareware, Inc., and not by you (the customer).  You cannot change the bitmap and program title on their own.  It requires special programming tools, and therefore we will perform this one time procedure for the customer, and deliver to you a single INSTALL.EXE that you will use to distribute your quizzes.  You will place the INSTALL.EXE onto a CD, along with your .QZ quiz files.  When launched,  the INSTALL.EXE will install Create A Quiz, plus any .QZ files (and associated files) to the user's hard drive.

Here are a few examples of custom Main Menu screens for previous customers:

If you'd like to purchase a Publisher's License for Create A Quiz's Student's Edition, then click here.

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One time custom enhancements

What this means is that the customer will provide us with graphic artwork in digital format (BMP, JPEG, GIF, CDR, TIFF, EPS), and we will incorporate your artwork into the Main Menu of Create A Quiz.  Your artwork will replace our Create A Quiz graphic logo (see examples above).  In addition, we will change the title of the program "Create A Quiz" to a title of your own choosing.  These customizations are performed by us, not the customer, one time.  The $250 license fee includes this one time customization.  If you should choose to change logos or program titles at a later date, a fee would be incurred to cover the additional labor required to rebuild the final distributable.

Since the Publisher's Edition is a customized version that our programmers create for you, you cannot take advantage of the free updates that occur to the program.  The only exception would be if you were to find a bug/flaw with the program.  In such cases, we will recompile/rebuild your customized version with the latest version at no charge.

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