Access ZIP Code distance database query software tool Search Microsoft Access MDB tables for ZIP Code distances

Do you have an existing Microsoft Access® database that you want to perform ZIP Code searches against?

Do you want to know which records in your Access database are within 20 miles of a certain ZIP Code?

Do you want to export all of the records within your Access database that fall within a 50 mile radius of a specific ZIP Code to a CSV file?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions then ZIP Code Access is the tool for you!

Let's say that you are a direct marketer and you want to send out a mass mailing to all addresses within a 50 mile radius of a particular ZIP Code. You have an Access MDB or ACCDB file containing the names, addresses and email addresses of contacts you've collected, and you now want to create a CSV file containing only those records that are within "x" miles of a certain ZIP Code. Simply launch ZIP Code Access, and:

1) Enter the ZIP Code you wish to search from,

2) Enter the distance in miles you wish to search within,

3) Choose the existing Access MDB or ACCDB file on your computer or network that contains your data,

4) Identify which table within the database contains your data,

5) Identify the field name that corresponds to ZIP Code field, and finally,

6) Click the "Begin search" button.

Within seconds you will have a summary identifying how many records were found within the specified distance from the ZIP Code you entered in step 1.

You can then save the results to a new comma separated value (CSV) file, which will then automatically open in Microsoft Excel for your convenience. You can also filter which fields within the results you wish to save. For example, if your Access database contains name, street address, city, state, ZIP Code, phone number, and email address fields, you may choose to save only the email addresses in your new CSV file, or any combination of fields.

ZIP Code Access!... There is no easier way to search and export data based upon ZIP Code distances!

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Look up any U.S. City, State or ZIP code in your application with just the 5-Digit ZIP Code
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ZIPCode Distance Radius Search software

Hardware and software requirements:

ZIP Code Access requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Access.

ZIPCode Distance Radius Search software

Download an evaluation copy of this program:

To download an evaluation copy of the ZIP Code Access software program that you can use on your own PC computer, click on the "Download now" link below:

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