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The ZIP Code Distance Wizard performs ZIP Code distance calculations quickly and easily.

First, this program allows you to locate ZIP Codes that are within close proximity of a specified ZIP Code.  For example, let's say that you are a direct marketer and you want to send out a mass mailing to all addresses within a 50 mile radius of a particular ZIP Code.  But how do you know what ZIP Codes are within a 50 mile radius of a specific ZIP Code?  Or perhaps you are a sales person who obtains commissions based on sales that occur within a 100 mile radius of your office, and you need to know what ZIP Codes fall within that radius?  This is where the ZIP Code Distance Wizard can assist you.  All you do is type in a ZIP Code, specify the radius distance in miles, and within seconds, a list of ZIP Codes that fall within that radius is displayed.

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Look up any U.S. City, State or ZIP code in your application with just the 5-Digit ZIP Code
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This handy 5-Digit ZIP Code radius search tool consists of about 43,000 ZIP Codes, including military APO and FPO codes, and U.S. territories
Look up any U.S. City, State or ZIP code in your application with just the 5-Digit ZIP Code
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The ZIP Code Distance Wizard permits you to export or copy the results to either a comma separated value (CSV) file, or to the Windows Clipboard.  Includes every 5 digit ZIP code in the USA. (42,000+ entries).

Secondly, this program will allow you to calculate distances between two or more ZIP Codes.  Enter a single ZIP Code as the "anchor" or "begin point", and then enter one or more "destination" or "end point" ZIP Codes, and the Wizard will display the distances between the anchor and the destination ZIP Codes.  The results can be exported to CSV or to the Windows Clipboard.

The program is updated regularly (2 times per year) so the data it contains remains current.  Upgrades are free!

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What others are saying about the ZIP Code Distance Wizard software:

Thanks for the program; it has made one task in my job very efficient, your program allows me in less 5 min what use to take 1-2 hours. (Homer C.)

Hardware and software requirements:

ZIP Code Distance Wizard requires a personal computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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