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Once you have created your quizzes using the Teacher's Edition of Create A Quiz, you would then use the upload utility that will transfer the quiz file(s) to the server. This upload utility is simple to use.  Just highlight the quiz you wish to upload to the server, then click the "Upload quiz to Web" button:

Once the quiz file has been uploaded to the server you will be able to access your quiz from any web browser on any PC that is connected to the Internet. Each customer gets their own subfolder on the server.  In the example below, the subfolder assigned to this customer is named "demo". If you visit that URL, you will see all of the quizzes uploaded by this customer. Or, if you want to be able to link directly to the quiz, and bypass the menu of available quizzes, then a HTML page URL will be provided. In the example below, the nature.qz quiz can be accessed directly by visiting

Various configuration options are available that allow you the customer to customize the quiz environment, including whether you want results to be sent via email to an administrator and what you want to see happen at the end of each quiz (see additional options below):

Safe to remove updates, OK to remove hotfix
The administrator also has the ability create user accounts (userIDs) and passwords that restrict access to the online quizzes. You can even set expiration dates and usage limits for each user account/ID.

For answers to frequently asked questions about this quiz hosting service, click here.



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