Image database Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does your quiz hosting service cost?

A: We charge based upon the number of times your quizzes are accessed/used. There are no monthly or annual fees involved with Instead, we charge based upon usage, that is, how many quizzes are taken online. We have two plans:

1) 500 / $50: Allows your online quizzes to be used 500 times.


2) 1000 / $75: Allows your online quizzes to be used 1000 times.

Once the 500 or 1000 allotment is used up, you would then be billed for the next allotment. Payment in advance is required.

The above rates would not include the software used to create the quizzes. You would also need to invest $34.95 for the actual "Create A Quiz" software (see


Q: How many quizzes can I create and upload to your quiz hosting site?

A: As many quizzes as you would like.  There is no reasonable limit to the number of quizzes that you can create, upload, and have available for others to access.


Q: Is there any way to obtain reports of each user's quiz session?

A: There is a score history administration panel that shows users' names, date and time that the quiz was taken, the number of questions attempted, the number of questions that were correctly answered, the percentage of correct answers and the elapsed time. If you have the optional LOG feature turned on, then each user in the score history table will then have a hyperlink to that user's quiz session, showing in more detail what questions were presented, the user's answer. That LOG report looks like this:

User's name: Mary Wilson
Quiz title and description: U.S. State Capitals - How well do you know your USA?
Date: November 06, 2006
Begin time: 15:18:50 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
End time: 15:19:20 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Elapsed time: 0.50 minute(s)
Nov. 06, 2006 15:18:56 PM
Question #1: Denver is the capital of what state?
Student's response: colorado
This was the correct answer.
Nov. 06, 2006 15:19:04 PM
Question #2: Identify the capital of Virginia.
Student's response: Richmond
This was the correct answer.
Nov. 06, 2006 15:19:15 PM
Question #3: The state capital of California is...
Student's response: san francisco
This response was NOT the correct answer.
Total questions attempted: 3
Number of questions answered correctly: 2
Percentage correct: 66 %
Points: 0


Q: How exactly would we be able to access these quizzes once they've been uploaded to the server?

A: Each customer receives a username, e.g. MicroTech.  A subfolder on our is then reserved for quizzes using the root URL plus the the username.  So in the example above, the customer (and all of the students who are given the URL) would be able to see a list of all available uploaded quizzes at (case insensitive). Anybody who knows and types this URL (or arrives at this URL via a doorway hyperlink from your web site, or via an email link) will be able to access and take your quizzes.


Q: Why must our quizzes reside on your server? Why can't we put our quizzes and your application on our own server?

A: Because the programming files that make up our web based quiz application are uncompiled, raw Perl script. If we provided these scripts to our customers we would in essence be revealing the source code to the application. For those who are not computer programmers and don't follow the answer, It would be like Kentucky Fried Chicken posting the Colonel's secret formula on their web site. The programming code must remain on our server for intellectual property protection reasons. Also, configuring a web server application is much more complicated than installing a piece of software on a personal desktop computer, and requires "hands-on" tweaking to get web applications to work properly. On top of that, a server could be running one of a multitude of operating systems: Unix, Linux, Apple, Windows, etc. Our server based solution only works for web servers running Windows, and on servers running a scripting language called Active-Perl, which is not native to Windows, and must be downloaded from a third-party. Then there is the issue of email support. Email servers would have to be configured to allow the quiz application to send emails. Emails servers must be properly interfaced with the quiz program, which is not an easy task. In short, there are too many complicated technical issues that are bound to arise and it was felt for simplicity sake, to have the quiz application run on our server, and to offer the customer an easy to use upload utility which allows them to upload quizzes to our server. It makes things so much simpler for all parties. Since things are simpler in this arrangement, we can pass the savings on to the customer.

If you are absolutely opposed to having your quizzes hosted on our web server, there is one alternative solution that may interest you.  We also publish a software quiz product called Quiz Script Creator.  It creates standalone, Javascript quizzes that can be run within a web browser, offline, or online, attached to an email, or placed on YOUR web site, or run from a local hard drive or a network drive.  The only "catch" to Javascript quizzes created with this alternative tool (Quiz Script Creator) is that score results and detailed log files are not maintained anywhere, meaning that once the quiz is completed, there is no way for the administrator to know the student's results (unless the student clicks the PRINT button when they exit the quiz and the quiz summary page appears).


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.



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