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Q: What makes the Student's Edition different from the Teacher's Edition?

A: The Student's Edition does not have the "Create a new quiz" button on the Main Menu, nor does it have the "Edit an existing quiz" on the Main Menu (see screen snapshot below). These two options are removed from the Student's Edition in order to prevent users from accidentally or intentionally peeking at the answers, or changing your work, or creating new quizzes.
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The Student's Edition does not have the "Create" or "Edit" buttons
on the Main Menu. This makes it ideal for use with your students.
(see image above)

Q: When I purchase the Student's Edition does the Teacher's Edition come along free?

A: No.  You must purchase at least one copy of the Teacher's Edition so that you will be able to create a quiz.


Q: How do I get the quizzes that I have created with the Teacher's Edition to the Student's Edition?

A: The Teacher's Edition consists of the file QUIZ.EXE.  This file, in a nutshell, is the Teacher's Edition.   The Student's Edition consists of the file: STUDENT.EXE .  Therefore you can have both "editions" installed on your hard drive in the same folder without any conflict.  Any quiz files that you create with the Teacher's Edition will be available from within the Student's Edition if you install the Student's Edition to the same folder where the Teacher's Edition was installed.  If, however, you would prefer to keep the Student's Edition in a different folder than the Teacher's Edition, then that is fine.  In such a case, however, we would recommend that you then copy your quizzes into this other folder where you have the Student's Edition located so that your students/users do not have to go hunting for your quiz files when they attempt to "Begin a quiz session".


Q: I just purchased a copy of your Teacher's Edition because I am evaluating your software for our organization.  I am recommending your software to our organization, and hopefully I will get approval to purchase the Student's Edition site license.  Is there anything special I need to be aware of regarding the Student's Edition?

A: One important thing to be aware of...  The Student's Edition has to be licensed to the same person/organization that the Teacher's Edition was licensed to. This is because the Teacher's Edition embeds the license holder's name into each quiz file. If you attempt to open such a quiz with a registered version of the Student's Edition, the Student's Edition will reject the quiz if the "Licensed to" name for the Student's Edition does not match that embedded information found in the quiz file.  In other words, you cannot have the Teacher's Edition licensed to "Jane Smith" and the Student's Edition licensed to "ABC Inc.". The Student's Edition licensed to "ABC Inc." will reject those quizzes created with Jane Smith's Teacher's Edition.  For more details on the how the license files between the Teacher's Edition and Student's Editions interact with one another, click here.


Q: How can I view the scores that are stored in the scoreboard files after a quiz has been taken and the program exited?

A: There is a scoreboard viewer software that allows the teacher to view the score history files (.SCB).  It is totally free!  Click here to download.


Q: Our organization has purchased both your Teacher's and Student's Edition.  We would like to place our quizzes on our local area network.  How would we go about doing this?

A: First, we will assume that you have a Windows based LAN, with a primary server.  You would start by creating and dedicating a folder on the server where your .QZ files will be placed (and any accompanying graphic, audio and reference files).  Lets say that your server's UNC name is \\ourserver1 .  Let's say that you have a folder on \\ourserver1 named \quizzes .  You would then need to have your network administrator assign read and write access to this \\ourserver1\quizzes folder.  Write access is necessary since the scoreboard results will need to be written to this folder.  Next, you will need to install the Student's Edition on  the \\ourserver1 server, into the \quizzes folder.  Having the STUDENT.EXE reside in the \\ourserver1\quizzes folder makes things simple, such as upgrading the software to a newer version.  

Last of all, you would then need to map a drive letter on each client PC (e.g. Drive Q pointing to \\ourserver1\quizzes , and then create a desktop shortcut on each client pointing to the STUDENT.EXE file on the server in the \\ourserver1\quizzes folder (which has now been mapped as Drive Q on the client).  Make sure that the shortcut's "Start in" folder property is pointed to the \\ourserver1\quizzes folder where the STUDENT.EXE has been installed (see example right).

One variation to this setup is to have the STUDENT.EXE (and STUDENT.MY, and QUIZ.INI files) in a separate folder apart from your quiz files.  In other words, you could have the STUDENT.EXE (and STUDENT.MY file) in \\teacher3\programs folder and the quizzes in the \\ourserver1\quizzzes folder.  But for this to work, you would have to use the QUIZ.INI file and specify in the QUIZ.INI file the location of the quizzes:


You can use Microsoft's Notepad utility to create/edit the QUIZ.INI file.


Q: Will you accept a purchase order from our organization?

A: We will accept purchase orders from public educational institutions (elementary schools, high schools, colleges).  Purchase orders must be on official printed forms.  They can be mailed to: PC Shareware, Inc.  P.O. Box 661, Fredericksburg, VA 22404


Q: Are future upgrades free?

A: Minor version upgrades are free (e.g., from version 5.01 to 5.2) if you download them from the URL that will be provided to you at the time of purchase.  (This does not apply to the customized Publisher's License, however).

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