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Thank you for visiting PC Shareware, Inc.   If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, please feel free to send an email message.  Before doing so, however, please check some of the following most frequently asked questions.

Most frequently asked questions:

What is shareware?

I'm new at computers. How do you download a file from your site?

How do I unzip a ZIP file?

Why are the prices for your software not listed?

Do you have software for Apple, MacIntosh or PowerMac computers?

Do I need to purchase a site license for installing multiple copies of your software?

I would like to purchase one of your programs using a credit card, however I am apprehensive about giving out my credit card information over the Internet.

If you did not find your answer in the above FAQs then please click the mailbox link below to send us an email message.

Please make sure that in your message you indicate the following...

  • Mention the name of the program you are having trouble with or inquirying about.

  • What version of the program you are using?

  • What was the exact wording of the error message?

  • Mention the Web page address you had trouble with.

Please be as detailed as possible in order to help you more efficiently.  Thank you.

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