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Add 'Em Up
Multi-purpose calculator. Copy and paste rows and columns of numbers from the Clipboard to this nifty multi-purpose calculator for quick math results.
Another Notepad
All the features that Microsoft left out of their Notepad! Great for quick memos.
Bible Crossword Challenge
Challenging crossword puzzle game with Bible clues to solve
Big Math Attack!
Fast paced, math arcade game with typing and spelling drills
Create A Quiz
Makes interactive, on-screen quizzes and printable hardcopy tests. Great educational tool for students and teachers.
Crossword Challenge
Increase your word vocabulary and have fun at the same time!
Early Mortgage Payoff
Save tens of thousands of $$$ on your mortgage! See how much you can save by prepaying your mortgage.
Feed My Sheep
And you thought the life of a shepherd was easy!  Delightful, colorful Bible word game for the entire family similar to Wheel-of-Fortune and Hangman.
A colorful screen saver that displays inspirational Bible verses
Gospel Parallels
Side by side New Testament. View the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in parallel format.
King James Dictionary
A handy dictionary of difficult Bible words found in the King James translation.
My Screen Saver
Have you ever wanted your very own, personalized screen saver? Now you can build your own, adding your favorite graphic images and words of wisdom.
Notable Quotables
Because one head cannot hold all of the wisdom in the world...this database contains over 2900 inspirational thoughts, humorous musings, and cynical barbs from thousands of the greatest minds and sharpest wits that ever lived.
Password Guardian
Having a hard time remembering all those passwords, PINs and combinations? Here's a great place to securely stash them!
Postal Code Companion
A handy utility that allows you to quickly find or verify Canadian postal codes, cities, provinces and area codes.
Postal Code Distance Wizard
Quickly finds proximate Canadian Postal Codes.  Enter a Canadian Postal Code, a distance, and the Wizard will list all of the neighboring Postal Codes within that radius distance.
Quiz Script Creator
The fastest way to create HTML/Javascript interactive quizzes that run within a web browser.
Scripture Challenge
Bible question and answer game, containing over 3000 questions.
Scripture Scholar
Create your own Bible question and answer games - to use interactive on-screen or printed to paper. 
Notepad marries an outline organizer!  Great for organizing notes, text snippets, web clippings, to do lists.
Unzip Wizard
Unzipping a ZIP file is now as easy as 1-2-3 with a friendly, helping hand from the Wiz!
What The Bible Says About...
A topical Bible that reveals God's truth concerning hundreds of subjects.  From Abortion to Zeal.  Learn what the Bible says regarding everything under the sun. 
Wit and Wisdom
Screen saver that displays clever thoughts, famous quotations and witticisms randomly on your screen.
Words From The Past
An online quiz that tests your knowledge of the words found in the King James translation.
ZIP Code Access
Search and export data from your Microsoft Access MDB tables based upon ZIP Code distances.
ZIP Code Companion
A handy utility that allows you to quickly find or verify zip codes, cities, states and area codes within the USA
ZIP Code Distance Wizard
Quickly finds proximate ZIP Codes.  Enter a ZIP Code, a distance, and the Wizard will list all of the neighboring ZIP Codes within that radius distance.  Then export the list to CSV or Windows Clipboard.

Note: All prices above are for a single user license (i.e., for use on one PC). Businesses, governments and educational institutions that will be installing the program on multiple PC's or on a network must contact us for details on site license pricing.

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