Unzip Wizard unzipping software utility can be downloaded here

What is this ZIP and UNZIP stuff?

A .ZIP file is a single compressed file that contains many larger files. Compressed files are popular because they cut your downloading time in half or even less, and make it possible to fit large collections of files onto one floppy disk.

To decompress a .ZIP file, you need one of the following utilities: PKUNZIP, WinZip, or The Unzip Wizard (our favorite). PKUNZIP is the oldest of these 3, and can be downloaded here. Please be forewarned that PKUNZIP is not for novices. It is an old MS-DOS command line utility, which means that you will need to run it from a C:> DOS prompt. Click here for detailed, step by step examples on how to use PKUNZIP once it has been downloaded and decompressed on your hard disk. Although PKUNZIP has been around for many, many years, it does require some effort to use successfully.  A friendlier and easier solution would be to use the Unzip Wizard.


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